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Much can be accomplished during the earliest days of a child’s time at school. The Early Years education offered at Norfolk House provides a structured approach to learning in a friendly, secure and caring atmosphere.

The ability to comprehend, converse and perform simple arithmetic does much to boost a child’s confidence and receptiveness and prepares them for the benefits of future formal instruction. Emphasis on these areas is tempered by more activity-based learning which is so important in the development of reasoning and self-expression.

Artistic creativity, music and movement and structured play channel a child’s energies in a lightly disciplined manner, providing firm foundations for both academic achievement and social interaction.
Gradually, each child is introduced to more structured reading, writing and number activities - the beginnings of literacy and numeracy - according to their individual readiness.

Children in our Early Years department are in school full-time. Their curriculum fully encompasses all aspects of the Early Years Foundation Stage and they are able to develop their independence and confidence in a safe, secure environment.


Parents' Quotes

'The school and staff have provided invaluable support for our son during his final year at Norfolk House School. Thank you.'

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