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Books will only take a child so far. Whilst we aspire to give every child the opportunity to excel academically, we recognise that a complete education requires much more.

We strive to equip our children with the tools they will need to live life to the full, to be rounded and fulfilled human beings, and to empathise with and understand the people and world around them. We seek to achieve this aim in a variety of ways.

Sport promotes confidence, physical fitness and teamwork. The performing arts, such as music, drama and the speaking of verse and prose, not only open the door to life-long pursuits which give great pleasure, but provide our children with an introduction to the rich cultural heritage of this and other countries. Clubs and societies flourish Norfolk House, allowing our children to pursue their hobbies and interests in a safe and structured environment. Great emphasis is also placed on social responsibility: charity events, visits to a local residential care home and participation in schemes to promote environmental awareness, all play their part in broadening our children's horizons and fostering an ethos of service to others.

Parents' Quotes

'I feel positively included in the school learning which is fun and interactive. My son loves it. There is so much more for him to do and learn.'

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