My Name is Sharon Roadknight and I am the cook at Norfolk House Nursery. I have been catering since my own daughter was little, some nineteen years ago! For eleven of those years I was the cook at a local Infant and Junior School. I have many qualifications and have attended many courses  throughout my career. 

I understand the importance of providing children with healthy, balanced meals and that is why we design our menus with the assistance of a nutritionist and ensure that all our meals are home- cooked. 

I love being involved in nursery life and all the children greet me with smile when I take their meals to them. I also attend Parents Evenings at which you can sample some of my cooking.  I really enjoy working in partnership with parents and carers: I provide recipe cards so that you can try our meals at home, and there are meal suggestion forms which provide a constant source of fresh ideas.

We hold a 'Very Good' hygiene rating from the Food Standards Agency (the highest rating available) which reflects our full commitment to caring for your child in every way.

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