Baby Ballet

Baby Ballet is a mixture of song, dance and sensory exploration for children aged between 6 and 18 months.  A teacher from the award-winning Babyballet Song & Dance Academy ( visits the nursery every week and expertly helps the children to express themselves in a safe and caring environment.  As well as being great fun, the classes help the children to develop confidence, balance, co-ordination and social skills.        

Rhythm Time

This is a weekly class for babies, led by a teacher from Rhythm Time (www., which focuses upon music and movement.  It provides the children with a well-thought-out musical experience which involves singing and playing instruments.  In addition to promoting confidence, creativity and co-ordination, it teaches children to sing in tune and is an excellent preparation for any child who wishes to play a musical instrument when they get older.       


Jazz-Mataz is a music and movement programme followed by our Toddlers.  Founded on the premise that all children have musical abilities, it provides a stimulating and supportive environment in which they are encouraged to explore and extend those abilities.  They have many opportunities to express themselves creatively and physically by singing, dancing and playing musical instruments under the guidance of fully a trained teacher.  They are also encouraged to listen and recognise such things as rhythm, pitch and tempo.   

Bhangra Tots

Through the medium of Bhangra dancing and music, Toddlers and Pre-school children develop a range of musical skills, balance and coordination, social skills, and cultural awareness.


Our Pre-school children take part in Zumbatomic sessions run by Tickety-Boo (, an organisation which specialises in the provision of play, dance and fitness programmes for children.  Zumbatomic is a Zumba fitness programme which incorporates various dance styles such as hip hop, salsa and reggaeton.  The dance moves are carefully choreographed so that children can learn them easily and quickly.


Unique Individuals ( is a performing arts school which runs workshops for our Pre-school children, the aim of which is to encourage expression, confidence, social and cultural awareness and listening skills.

Fun Spanish Club

The Fun Spanish Club provides Pre-school children with the opportunity to gain an insight into another language, culture and way of life.  The Club follows a professionally designed programme for very young learners which is founded upon activity-based learning methods such as songs, games, stories puppets and role play.  

Zoo Lab

Zoolab offers children the opportunity to get close to a variety of animals such as birds, rabbits, ferrets and insects and to learn all about them. The animals are brought to the nursery by a trained handler who talks to the children about them and gives them the opportunity to observe and handle them under close supervision.

Parents' Quotes

"The nursery provides outstanding care; they offer a varied range of activities and encourage all children to participate. Food provided is always varied with all dietary requirements catered for. They are nutritious meals made by a loyal cook. My daughter is encouraged to believe she can achieve anything."

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